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North Coast

This 700 km coastal strip runs from Lake Macquarie near Newcastle to the Queensland border. A wide variety of produce is grown from the temperate south to the sub-tropical north, and the cooler Dorrigo plateau to the west. There are many food and wine events during the year. Northern Rivers promotes an 'organic produce experience' to visitors, with the 'Sample Food Festival' (September) at Bangalow, and the 'Indigenous Food Weekend' (July) at Byron Bay. Also the 'Toast Urunga Food & Wine Festival' (September) near Coffs Harbour, and 'Tastings on Hastings' (October) at Port Macquarie featuring local farmers, winemakers and brewers.

There are 104 producers in this Region

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Tea & Coffee Trail

Author: Taste Trails

Created 10th Apr, 2014

Yes, the north coast of NSW does grow tea and coffee. Not only that, it is very high quality. The two premium beverage producers on this trail will soon make you true believers! Nearby to Madura, just south of the border, take time to visit Tropical Fruit World. This is a fascinating long-time grower of tropical and rare fruits.