Manjimup Black Truffles

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This agriculturally diverse area starts just north of Bunbury and goes south to D'entrecasteaux National Park, and contains the wine regions of Pemberton, Geographe, Blackwood Valley and Manjimup. The 'Southern Forest Food Festival' is held each year in June at Manjimup to "promote truffles, wine and table food", with the showcase event being the 'Truffle Kerfuffle'. In December there is the three day 'Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival' which offers a "vast array of local foods". Bridgetown hosts 'Taste of the Blackwood' wine and food festival in June. Also, the 'Geographe Crush Wine Exhibition' is held at Bunbury in November.

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Bunbury & Beyond

Author: Taste Trails

Created 29th Jul, 2014

Some great producers within easy distance of beautiful Bunbury. Head directly north for beer and cheese, then down south for great wine and if time permits take the drive east towards the town of Williams for biodynamic produce.