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The 'Mighty Murray' is Australia's great inland river, forming the border between Victoria and NSW, and provides large areas of irrigation along it's length. It is home to the wine regions of Goulburn Valley, Nagambie Lakes and Swan Hill. The other prominent waterway is the Goulburn river providing water to the fertile Goulburn Valley. Major regional food and wine events include 'Tastes of the Goulburn' (Oct), 'Swan Hill Food and Wine Festival' (March), Mildura's five day 'Jazz, Food & Wine Festival' (Nov), Echuca 'Riverboat Festival' (Feb) and the 'Victorian Wines Show' (Nov) with public tastings.

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Taste of Goulburn Valley

Author: Taste Trails

Created 26th Jul, 2014

The Goulburn Valley is both a picturesque and agriculturally productive part of Australia. This trail wanders both north and south of Shepparton and is a great example of the diversity of produce that exists along this valley. Soft, hard & blue cheese, olives, olive oil, vinegar, preserves and a great selection of premium varietal wines. A choice of three producer restaurants along the way.