Bruny Island Premium Wines

Bruny Island Premium Wines is a family owned and operated vineyard on beautiful Bruny Island. The vineyard was originally planted in 1997 and has now grown to two hectares with 2,000 vines. The family's connection with Bruny goes back to 1878 when their ancestors were one of Bruny's first settlers. A cellar door was opened in 2007, featuring timbers from the original vineyard site.

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    4391 Main Road
    Lunawanna, Bruny Island, 7150
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    Have visit/buy premises
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Opening Hours

Daily: 11am to 5pm

Trails passing through Bruny Island Premium Wines Stops

Best of Bruny

Bruny Island is a magic place. Unspoiled it is, spoil you it does. Where in such a beautiful setting can you find fine wine, fresh oysters, berry fruit, gourmet preserves and a dazzling array of cheeses? Bruny, of course!