Johnson Brothers Orchard

The Johnson family have been farming in this area for over 100 years. As a third generation farmer, Alistair, with his family, now grow cherries, peaches, plums and apples. They welcome you to their shed through the season.

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    605 Beenak Road
    Seville, 3139
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    Fruit & Vegetables
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    Have visit/buy premises
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Opening Hours

Open during the summer picking season

Trails passing through Johnson Brothers Orchard Stops

Yarra Valley & Ranges Cherry Harvest Trail

Cherries signify the taste of summer like no other fruit. However, the Australian cherry season lasts only 100 days so cherish the summer’s bountiful harvest. There are some great varieties available, and containing only 250 kilojoules (60 calories) per 100 grams and virtually no fat. The Victorian Cherry Harvest Trail was first established by the Victorian Cherry Association in 2005 to assist its cherry grower members who sell direct to the public from their orchards. The Yarra Valley & Ranges Cherry Harvest Trail is one of the most popular of these trails, and located conveniently close to Melbourne. The Victorian cherry season begins in most areas about the first or second week of November and continues through until mid-January. Peak season is in the weeks leading up to Christmas. A few useful hints: Keep cherries cool to keep them fresh for longer. Leave the stems on - they help keep the cherries fresh. Only rinse cherries when you are ready to eat them as they can absorb the water and soften. Enjoy!